Get your ultimate 80’s fix in just 30 minutes with “Kung Fury”

Last weekend, the 30-minute film from the mind of Swedish filmmaker David Sandberg finally came to life after two-years and a huge Kickstarter fund.

Kung Fury can be best described as perhaps the ultimate 80’s cult classic short film. Sandberg himself plays the titular role, a badass cop with supernatural martial arts skills who is on a mission to find the most evil kung fu master, the “Kung Fuhrer” himself, Adolf Hitler, played by The Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone. However, an attempt to stop him by going back in time to Nazi Germany takes a not-so-good twist.

This is truly a delight to watch and for those who are wondering: Yes, the tracking detail and VHS play and timer on the screen is meant to be there. As said before, this is the ultimate 80’s cult classic short film…only it was made from 2012 to 2014!!!

A major plus of the film is the theme song, “True Survivor”, sung by the one and only…David Hasselhoff, who makes an uncredited cameo in the film itself…in an unexpected way!

Check the film out above and just below, check out the music video for Hasselhoff’s song, which is sure to be a winner amongst fans!!! Enjoy!!!!


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