Review: Prime #2

Prime #2

Prime #2

Story and Script by: Stu Perrins

Pencils, Inks, and Letters by: Israel Heurtas

Prime Logo Designed by: Diego Heurtas

Publisher: Clockwork Goat Comics

Price $1.00

Issue two continues the origin story of the self-titled superhero. At the end of the last issue, our hero had been in a tragic accident, one that would have left any other person dead. Thankfully our hero survived and months later emerges from his coma a new person. He becomes the hero Prime, answering the many calls of help and performing good deeds around the city. Prime’s actions get noticed by another superhero and this leads to a meeting and a chance to become part of the big leagues.

Perrins’ scripting of the story is enjoyable and well paced. Huertas’ artwork continues to shine and compliments Perrin’s writing.  Prime #2 is good story and will keep readers invested in what happens next.



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