Book Review: The Color of God’s Eyes by Christina Barr


The Color of God’s Eyes is the third book from Christina Barr that I’ve read and it’s my favorite. It reminded me slightly of the late Octavia Butler’s Kindred in its setting (slavery era) and its sci-fi quality. Wherein as Kindred featured time travel, Barr’s book featured characters who have uncanny abilities living amongst the human race.

The main character Charlotte happens to be a woman of color and is a protagonist who is complex. We journey with Charlotte from her mysterious beginnings being born, captured and sold to a young woman named Lady Cohen. Lady Cohen deems Charlotte to be special. Charlotte is introduced to Cohen’s son John and the two characters develop a very deep bond that is tested many times throughout the novel.

As the two enter adulthood, secrets are revealed and actions are taken which put Charlotte directly on the path to freedom all the while setting Charlotte up to make a choice-fight against humanity or protect it despite its shortcomings.
Throughout the story we meet characters who help or hinder Charlotte in her goals, all of which are well developed, realistic individuals. Though the many uses of the N-word in the book might make many uncomfortable, overall the story is an enjoyable read.



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