New Music Monday: blank fires by Lightning Pill

Here’s some new music to listen to while you’re relaxing this Memorial Day! blank fires is a new “beat tape” from artist Lightning Pill. Here’s his description of the album:

Released under my blank videotapes moniker, blank fires was my attempt to make an “album” that is more like a collection of songs than the kind of concept albums that I have always loved making. It’s nearly two years old, and after listening to the music, I felt like it works better together than I thought it did within that two-year frame.
Those who have checked out my stuff know that I tend to dip my fingers into various pies. I’ve done punk, folk, electronic, new wave, new age, ambient…and beats. Though, ever since Vesuvius,  I don’t think people got to hear my beat side as much. Composition, yes. Beats, no. So, tonight, I give you blank fires.

Take a listen below:


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blank videotapes




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