National Poetry Month: Drekkia Writes

Photo provided by Drekkia Writes
Photo provided by Drekkia Writes

Today our featured poet is Sandrekkia Morning , aka Drekkia Writes.

Uncanny Pop:How did you first became interested in Poetry?

Drekkia Writes: In sixth grade we learned a lot about poetry. I entered an online poetry contest and had my first poem published in a book. From then on I kept writing.

UP:  Who are some of your favorite poets?
Chris James and my little sister Tashia Mayo are a couple of my favorite poets.

UP: When did you become interested in the art of Spoken Word?

DW: One day, there was a poem so heavy on my spirit that I had to get up and write it. I read it to my mom and she made me perform it in church. I did horrible but I loved the feeling. So, I took public speaking for a year. I performed for the first time, in a poetry setting at the Pulaski County school district poetry slam.

UP: Who has inspired you during your poetry journey?

DW: Foreign Tongues poetry troupe inspired me the most. Before I was apart of the team, I was an admirer.

UP:  How often do you write?

DW: I don’t write on a set schedule. I like to think of my writing as something spiritual. So, I write when the spirit speaks to me.

UP: Do you feel that poetry has the power to change the world?

DW: Yes. Poetry is like music. It’s therapy for the soul. It’s a form of release, a coping mechanism that has power to free you of your problems and to help celebrate your happiness/creative

UP What impact does poetry have in the lives of youth?

DW: It gives them a chance to express themselves. Often youth aren’t heard because adults feel like they don’t have problems.

UP: If you could perform your poetry  anywhere in the world where would it be?

I would perform at the BET Awards!

UP: Describe your poetry in three words?

DW: Spiritual. Direct. Hopeful.

UP: Where do you recite your poetry?

DW: I perform everywhere. Almost. Colleges, grade schools, city buses, outside, churches, in houses, lounges.


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