Indie Artist Spotlight: Fable Cry

SnarkFable Cry is a theatrical scamp rock band hailing from Nashville. Bonding over the whimsical, theatrical, and comical, the group dons a variety of musical influences from Danny Elfman, Queen, Gogol Bordello and more. Fable Cry showcases their vaudevillian persona in all of their music and performances. In talking about the band, Middle Tennessee Music says, “These guys are doing something fresh, unique, and they stand out among the abyss of musicians and bands in the Nashville area trying to pursue music as a career.” Pop Matters says of the band “Fable Cry spin inventive, cabaret-ready yarns that are given life by their palpable musical energy.”

This summer, Fable Cry is set to release their forthcoming album We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are.

Take a listen to their track “The Zoo of No Return,” which Bloody Disgusting describes as: “It’s got a delightfully eerie gypsy-esque feel and the instruments playfully accentuate and accent the lyrics.” You can take a listen to their tracks ”

Watch the band’s latest song “Fancy Dancing” below:

Check out Fable Cry’s website and follow them on these social media sites:










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