Legend of the Mantamaji 14 City Book Tour

Photo provided by http://legendofthemantamaji.com/
Photo provided by http://legendofthemantamaji.com/


Eric Dean Seaton’s graphic novel Legend of Mantamji began a 14 city book tour. He began the tour in San Francisco.

Eric was also on the Long Beach Expo Indie Comics Panel.

Photo provided by http://legendofthemantamaji.com
Long Beach Comic Expo photo provided by http://legendofthemantamaji.com




Eric stopped at the  Wonder Con in Anaheim, California (April 3-5),. Then he traveled to the  Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo [C2E2] (April 24-26), where the novel sold out.

Photo provided by http://legendofthemantamaji.com
Photo provided by http://legendofthemantamaji.com

The remain cities and dates are as follows:

LA Times Festival  (April 9 -10, 2016)
For more information on the book tour and The Legend of Mantamaji visit the site here.

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