Earth Day Celebrates 45th Anniversary

Photo provided by
Photo provided by

Happy Earth Day! Tomorrow is 45th Anniversary of Earth Day theme is “It’s Our Turn to Lead”. Also during this week, Climate Education Week is celebrated as part of the Earth Day situation. There are ready to use resource information for teachers to celebrate the week with their students. The Climate Education Week site explains that the week provides the following:

 Each day covers a different theme related to climate change with two highlighted activities handpicked by Earth Day Network for your use.

This cross-disciplinary resource has a range of activities from an energy conservation action plan to reading and discussing Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, with the goal being to educate and engage your students on climate change.

 The Earth Day site also has a list of word-wide events. See the list here.

Several videos about Earth Day are available for everyone to enjoy their earthiness.

This video on PBS Wilderness: The Great Debate and more explain the importance of Wildlife and treating the Earth with more care.

Enjoy Earth Day and remember “It’s Our Turn to Lead” to make sure that Earth’s valuable resources should be cherished and earth it with respect.


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