Tonight’s UPop Devil’s Night!

It’s Friday night and the moon will be bright as we have some fun and show you how binge watching is done with our UPop Devil’s Night Daredevil marathon! #UPopdevil'snight marathon I made a poem! Alright so it all begins with a pre-party on our Google+ hangout at 8:30 pm eastern and then we start binge watching at 9 pm until the next morning! Get your snacks and popcorn ready, bring your sodas and water. Make sure you’re all ready, settled and comfortable and start tweeting using the hashtag #UPopDevilsNight. Here’s the schedule below: 8:30 pm Google Hangout Pre-Party Join us as we host a party via Google Hangout before the binge watching begins.  We’ll discuss our hopes and expectations for the series and get settled before the show starts. When the marathon begins we’ll live tweet it with the hashtag #UPopDevilsNight and we hope that you’ll join in on Twitter and our hangout. Friday at 9pm: Episodes 1-3  Saturday afternoon: Episodes 4-6  Saturday evening: Episodes 7-9 Sunday afternoon Episodes afternoon: Episodes 10-13 7:30 am 8:30 am 9:30 am 10:30 am 11:30 am finished


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