#31DaysofWomenMakingHistory: Quiz #4

Here’s another pop quiz!

  1. Who was a charter member of the Fellowship of Reconciliation in 1915;  founded the War Resisters League in 1923 and in 1940 the Pacifist Teachers League?
  2. Who joined 49 other Congress members in voting against entry into World War I;  was the only member to vote against World War II  and organized a Brigade which demonstrated against the Vietnam War in 1968?
  3. Who was an organizer of the Woman’s Peace Party, a leader of American Union Against Militarism, and latter co-founded the ACLU?
  4. Who suggested achieving  World Peace Through a  Peoples Parliament – a  group of 60  from different economic ranks  and professions  in 1944?
  5. Who was executive secretary of he Pennsylvania branch of WILPJ for 40 years. organized conferences and build a huge membership; served on the board of SANE, working  against nuclear proliferation?
  6. Who attacked the Catholic “just-war” theory with pacifist views , supported draft-card burning, opposed the Vietnam conscription and war and profoundly impacted “The Challenge of Peace” in 1983?
  7. Who protested nuclear weapons with the Committee for Nonviolent Action in 1983, and was imprisoned where she “Prison Notes”?
  8. Who helped found Women Strike for Peace in 1961 which opposed the Vietnam War – the first woman elected to Congress on a women’s rights peace platform?
  9. Who was a founder of the Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press in 1972 and an activist in Women Strike for Peace?
  10. Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976 with a friend for their efforts against violence in Northern Ireland?
  11. Who is the Canadian woman who founded Women’s Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND) focusing on women’s  priorities as mothers and supporting continuous lobbying actions.?
  12. Who was founder of FREEZE in early 1980s which became SANE/FREEZE in 1987 and then Peace Action in 1993?

Click here for the answers and remember to enter our 31 Days of Women Making History IDW Giveaway!

Quizzes Created by Margaret Zierdt, National Women’s History Project Board member


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