#31DaysofWomenMakingHistory: ADIFF Celebrates Women in Film with 3-Day Screening Series in NYC This Weekend

Late Senegalese Filmmaker Khady Sylla – 2 of Her Films Will Screen in the Series Photo: Shadow and Act

This weekend, the African Diaspora International Film Festival will take place and the event is set to celebrate women in film. The event runs from March 27 to 29, at Teachers College, Columbia University, in New York City.

There are many short films, features, and documentaries created by independent women filmmakers from around the world. The festival will showcase 11 films from Cuba, Haiti, Brazil, USA, Senegal and Cape Verde.  Two of these films are from Senegalese filmmaker Khady Sylla who passed away in 2013. With only five films on her resume’, Sylla showcased her talent for telling poignant stories on film. The two films that will be screened are “Colobane Express” (2000) and “The Silent Monologue” (2008).

“Colobane Express” tells the stories of Dakar cars’ passengers who are of low or middle income in a comical and societal fashion. “The Silent Monologue” tells the story of a young girl from the rural area of Senegal who works as a domestic for a well-to-do family in Dakar.  The story is told from her point of view, using her inner thoughts.

In addition the Women in Film celebration will screen the work of Afro-Cuban director Gloria Rolando. Two of her films will screen on Friday, March 27th: “Reembarque” (or “Reshipment”)(2014), is set in the early 20th century and tells the story of Haitian immigrants in Cuba and their forced repatriation after the crashing of the sugar market. “Oggun: An Eternal Present,” (1991) tells the story of the  Orisha Oggun, the god of war and peace, metals, and civilization, as experienced in the life of the prominent Cuban Yoruba singer, Lazaro Ros.

Other films that will screen at the festival include “The Summer of Gods,” directed by Eliciana Nascimento, and documentaries on Josephine Baker and saving the black family, in addition to films scripted by American filmmakers Yvonne Welbon and Sheila Marie Norman, Cape Verdean director Ana Ramos Lisboa, and Haitian filmmaker Claudette Coulange.

To learn more about ADIFF’s Celebrates Women In FilmAfrican Diaspora International Film Festival , visit the festival’s website: www.nyadiff.org.

(Via Shadow and Act)


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