#31DaysofWomenMakingHistory: Stroamata Interview

Stroamata is an industrial-tinged indie/alternative rock band originally from Boston now residing in NYC. Originating during the mid 2000s, the band finally came into being in 2008 when they released their self-produced album Things Left Lying Around. Their second release The Phoenix EP, was in 2010 and during the past two years they have released singles.

Photo courtesy: Stroamata

Stroamata received an Honorable Mention on Adam’s World Blog for “Best Live Band 2013” and were named Harpoon Brewery’s “Best Unfiltered Band.” Thier single “A Fantasy” sets the tone for the band’s next album. With their sound catching the attention of fans and press such as Creem Magazine, IMPOSE Magazine, and For the Love of Punk, this is definitely a band music lovers ought to pay attention to.

I had the opportunity to interview the band, check it out below:

Uncanny Pop: How did you get into music?

Stroamata: Music has always just been there. Just born loving it and needing to do it.

UP: What inspires you to create music?

S: The undeniable urge to want to contribute to thing we love!  It comes from an undeniable and intangible place inside our hearts.

UP: What’s the best thing about being a musician and what’s the hardest?

S: The best thing is being able to make music and perform for people. To know that we can make the audience sympathize and empathize with the songs while they also have a great time!

UP: What’s something you learned early on in your career that made you a better artist?

S: A million things! Don’t do it unless you are willing to do it for free! Don’t work with anyone who doesn’t feel the same. Take yourself and your art very seriously while simultaneously not taking it TOO seriously!

One more thing, a real breaking point for the whole band (and occasionally we have remind each other) is that we are not making music for ourselves! We are making it for everyone else. Writing and recording music that only you enjoy is all well and good if you want an audience of one, but if you want to go and entertain and connect with actual human beings, you need to write for them and about them!

UP: What advice can you give musicians who are just starting out?

S: First off, before you play live and introduce yourself, write 20 songs, take the best 8, and throw the rest out! Then learn to play those 8 songs like badasses! Now you have a killer set, and a killer debut album. Stroamata didn’t do that, we were impatient in the beginning and we rushed out to play shows and make demos and we lost the edge that a brand new band can have.

There is a lot of power in being brand new! The magic of the first show and the first demo/album only happens once. So take your time, as much time as you need, to get it right!

That being said, if the band members lack onstage experience, try to go out under a different name and play some covers just to get some stage time while you are building your set.

UP: What inspires you to write and when did you begin writing?

S: A riff, a lyric or a stray thought can inspire a song. Sometimes all it takes is a lazy afternoon and a bit boredom!

UP: What inspired this album and what was the creative process?

S: At this point, making “Stroamata music” is was Stroamata does! The inspiration is the overwhelming desire to go out and make music and kick some ass! The creative process on this album was to make a rock album that sounds a like it is swirled up in dream. We recorded all the tracks live (very few overdubs) but after the fact we added a lot of sound design and “studio magic” to help create an overall environment for these songs to live in.

In classic Stroamata fashion, that environment is going to be dreamy, distant and intangible.

UP: What genres of music are you most influenced by? What artists are you currently listening to?

S: We are listening to a lot of Gang of Four, a lot of Pink Floyd, but also a lot of Jay Z and even some chiptunes! Its hard to say who we are most influenced by, because we listen to tons of music, and if you ask us on any given month the answer will always be different.

UP: Which female role models have had an impact on your life and how have these women influenced you?

S: More than any celebrity or trailblazer, we have been influenced the most by the strong women in my life whom we know personally & interact with regularly. Our grandmothers, our mothers, our aunts, our teachers, our coworkers, our friends.

*I asked the following three questions to Stroamata’s lead singer Dara Eagle*

UP: What has been important to you as a woman in your community?

Dara Eagle : Blurring and tearing down perceived gender lines.

UP: In your opinion what are some of the biggest challenges that women face today?

DE: The reliance on outdated underlying gender norms that still permeate in modern society. Gender-norm concepts are still an obstacle while women redefine themselves.

UP: This year the theme for Women’s History Month is “Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives.” Why is it important to weave our stories – individually and collectively – into the essential fabric of our nation’s history?

DE: Every person’s viewpoint adds insight into a history. Every man, every woman, helps humanity understand a little more of why we are here and why we do what we do. History must be written by everyone – both genders – to have the full perspective.

UP: What’s an important cause or issue you support?

S: Teaching music to children!

UP: Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?

S: Rick Rubin.

UP: What future goals do you hope to achieve with your music? What type of future projects would you like to do?

S: Our goal is to be an internationally touring band! We want the reputation of being one of the best live and recorded bands you can see!

In the future we want to do concept albums, we want to do projects with Hip-Hop and EDM artists, we want to start a music school and help introduce future artists!

Check out Stroamata’s website and follow the band on their social media sites:





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