Uncanny Pop Loved AnimeCon Arkansas

March 7-8 was full of  of cosplay, crossplay, and so much more at Anime Con Arkansas!

Check out the slide show with pictures and audio of the interviews below!

Angela Lubiani discusses what it is like to wear a seat ban as a binder.
Angela Lubiani discusses what it is like to wear a seat ban as a binder.


One very interesting panel discussed crossplay.  Crossplay involves a person cosplaying in the opposite gender.  In this panel several tips were provided on how women can successfully crossplay as men. Applying mascara to the face and sealing in with baby power can give women stumble and longer facial hair

Angela applying facial hair and stumble.
Angela applying facial hair and stumble.

Angela Lubiani and others on the panel,  suggested that women use binding tape to pull back breast. They also suggest using binders from T-Kingdom (make binders for Transgender women) or using binders made by Underworks.

Using an elastic sweat ban also works as a great binder. For beginners, it is suggested that those new to binding only wear their binders  4 or 5 hours then gradually advance to longer periods of time. eBay sells binders and compression tanks for around $12.  Compression shirts have bra straps hooks going down both sides . The problem is the compression shirt is difficult to put on, so a friend will have help with putting the garment on the body. Placing a cloth on the sides where the hooks are, helps the hooks not dig into the skin. Having someone measure you is extremely important when selecting a size for compression shirts. If you order the shirt two small, then the shirt will not go over your body. Other tips given at the panel were using pasties to cover areole, Goo Gone to remove adhesives, and pushing breast back when trying crossplay. “It cuts back on the uniboob look,” said Angela.

Below are some more photos from the con!

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The great, cosplay, comics, shirts and more  made this Con so much fun! Everyone was friendly and it was wonderful to see people enjoying all that the Con had to offer. Thanks so much to Anime Con Arkansas for the press pass!


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