A New ‘Colossus’ to appear in ‘Deadpool’

Daniel Cudmore as Colossus in the X-Men films…but will not be in Deadpool’s movie

When it was announced that the mutant Colossus would appear in the Ryan Reynolds-starring feature Deadpool, the question that was raised was would the character be reprised by Daniel Cudmore, who played the character in X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

While his appearance were more silent cameos in the previous three films, the metal skinned mutant is apparently getting a bigger role in “Deadpool”. However, Cudmore took to his Twitter to announce that he will not be in the film.

“Thanks everyone for all the support for me 2 reprise the role of in but unfortunately it won’t be happening for me con’t

“I’ve had a blast playing such an awesome character over the years! will be kick-ass with and @VancityReynolds

Shooting on Deadpool begins next month in Vancouver with Tim Miller directing.


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