Graphic Novel Release: Eric Dean Seaton’s Legend of the Mantamaji: Book Three Launch


Legend of the Mantamaji Book  Three image
Legend of the Mantamaji Book Three


TV director Eric Dean Seaton’s graphic novel  Legend of the Mantamaji: Book  Three  officially launched Feb. 11.  Legend of Mantamaji    a “three-book graphic novel series whose sweeping tale of magic and mystery, heroes and villains, has a fresh look, a modern setting—and an ancient beat,” describes the Legend of Mantamaji website.  Purchase  Legend of Mantamaji: Book Three along with book one and two by clicking here.


Eric Seaton


Eric Dean Seaton  is a writer and  director based out of California.  He has directed an abundance of television episodes,  music videos, and sitcom pilots since his directing debut of Disney Channel’s popular sitcom “That’s So Raven,” in 2004.  He has also been featured on the Black Girl Nerds podcast among others for his portrayal of people of color and strong women characters throughout the series.

Since childhood, Seaton  wanted to become  comic book creator. With the creation of Legend of Mantamji, this dream came true. He saw the need to depict female characters in more than skimpy costumes. The determined director and writer desired to show the world that women have strength by channeling the will of the women in his life.

Below is an excerpt from PR Web article where Seaton describes what made him want to write strong female characters and have them stand out rather than fade into the background of male characters’ story-lines.

I am lucky that, in my life, I have always been surrounded by women who were strong and were doing everything you traditionally saw men do and doing it well,” Seaton said. “Sanctuants from the Legend of the Mantamaji series are explicitly mentioned as equal to the male Mantamaji warriors,” Seaton said.”That really shouldn’t be unusual. It shouldn’t be noteworthy to show women who have more going for them than being a love interest, a damsel in distress or a hero just waiting in the wings until someone needs help. They don’t have to be staged in back-breaking poses or undressed. People LOVE the Sanctuants, they love Sydney from the beginning to the end. They even want to see more of them. It’s the best response I could ask for and accomplishes all I wanted to do.

Visit, for more information on this thrilling graphic novel.


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