The State of Black Science Fiction Celebrates Black History Month: Nat Turner: Necrosis of the Serpent

Via Chronicles of Harriet

Chronicles of Harriet

We continue the State of Black Science Fiction‘s celebration of Black History Month with:

Nat Turner: Necrosis of the Serpent
Written by Guy A. Sims

“Git’im in heah! Quick now!”

The barn side door was opened just enough for the two dark men to carry the third in. The barn was quiet except for the sounds of a few animals and low voices near the hay station.

“Him hurt bad?”

The taller of the two shook his head. “Uh-huh! Bloodied bad but need to tell what he know.” The man who opened the door motioned for the two to lay the wounded man on a pile of old cloths. He left them there, disappearing into the collection of gathered bodies at the hay station. Briefly, heads turned to the direction of the man on the floor but returned just as fast to a figure who slowly began to rise…

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