Ghostbusters 3 Cast Announced

After many rumors the cast of Ghostbusters 3 was  announced today. Ladies and gentlemen meet your new ghostbusters!


According to The Hollywood Reporter,  Melissa McCarthy  Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, will make up the new ghoul busting team.

UPDATE*** Paul Feig confirmed it with this tweet:


McCarthy was already in talks to be one of the leads and has signed on. Negotiations are still ongoing for the rest of the ladies but they are expected seal  the deal and join the film.  THR also reports that the film is set to shoot in the summer in the big apple and Paul Feig is set to direct.

Out of the four, I’m very excited to see McCarthy.  I loved her on Gilmore Girls and she’s definitely funny.   Both she and Wiig have worked with Feig before on the film Bridesmaids.  Jones-who can be seen in the Chris Rock film Top Five-and McKinnon are presently on SNL.  McKinnon has been part of the show since 2012 and was nominated for an Emmy. She’s also the shows first open lesbian!  Jones joined the show last year and was promoted to feature player status this past fall.

So this time around we’ve got an all female cast that also features two plus sized women, a woman of color and a LGBQT+ woman! What do you think of the casting? Leave your comments below.




One thought on “Ghostbusters 3 Cast Announced

  1. I thought Kate McKinnon was a great surprise. I love her on SNL right now and wasn’t even thinking of her. I knew McCarthy and Wiig would be in it. I haven’t seen much of Leslie Jones, but I’m thinking she would team up great with McCarthy… so, very excited about this film!

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