Meet the cast of “Shuriken Sentai Ninninger”; plot revealed

Super Sentai fans received a very well-received Christmas gift as the cast and plot of the upcoming series “Shuriken Sentai Ninninger” were revealed.

The plot:

The story began three generations ago with the great Last Ninja, Igasaki Yoshitaka, who sealed the Yokai away for good. When the Yokai revive and their grandfather, the Last Ninja, passes away, five cousins who are all his descendants band together to defeat the threat. The Ninninger are still immature as ninjas but will strengthen their bond as they train in the Ninjutsu Dojo run by Takaharu and Fuka’s father, Igasaki Tsumuji. It’s a story about family and school spanning three generations that can be enjoyed by all generations of the family.

Judo practitioner Shunsuke Nishikawa will play Takaharu Igasaki/Akaninger (Red Ranger). Gaku Matsumoto will play Kato Cloud Yakumo/Aoninger (Blue Ranger). Kaito Nakamura will play Nagi Matsuo/Kininger (Yellow Ranger). Yuka Yano will play Fuka Igasaki/Shironinger (White Ranger). Kasumi Yamaya will play Kasumi Momochi/Momoninger (Pink Ranger).

The series will get their premiere on February 15, 2015 on tv asahi in Japan. TV-Nihon will carry out excellent fan-subbed versions of the episodes after their premiere in Japan.


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