Make the Dead Die: The Walking Dead 5.8 “Coda” Recap

Welcome back to another Walking Dead recap! We’re finally here folks, we’re finally got to see the mid-season finale and now we’ve got to wait until February 8th to watch the next episode. What will we do till then? That’s another article altogether.  Let’s get on with this sorrowful recap shall we? A reminder SPOILERS are in effect.


At the beginning of this season the group had been reunited only to find themselves trapped in a boxcar by the folks at Terminus. By the awesomeness of Carol who led a one-woman fiery attack on the compound, were they able to get free and the group was finally made whole again with the exception of Beth.

Our group rescues Father Gabriel who’s keeping a secret and Gareth and his dwindling group hunt down Team Rick and kidnap Bob who awakens to find his leg being barbecued and eaten in front of him.  Daryl and Carol go car chasing and we find Beth at a hospital where she owes a debt.

Bob dies, the cannibals die, and the group voluntarily splits up with Team Abe heading to Washington while Team Rick waits for the rest to get back. Eugene reveals that he’s lied the whole time and that there’s no cure, and Beth helps Noah escape and he meets Carol and Daryl along the way. Carol gets captured and Daryl and Noah head back to the church.

Rick and part of the remaining group head to Atlanta and capture three cops, one of which tricks Sasha and attempts to escape.


Rick orders the escapee to stop and when he doesn’t Rick mows them down and shoots him in the head.

This episode spends a lot of time with Dawn and Beth and we them at the elevator shaft where Noah made his escape. Dawn tells Beth she knows that Beth killed Officer Gorman aka Officer Creepy and that she was happy to cover for her. Another officer overhears the conversation and he and Dawn fight and Beth manages to push him down the shaft.

Back at the church, Father Gabriel is wandering around in the forest and manages to come across Bob’s barbecued uneaten, decaying leg. He then stumbles upon a horde of walkers who follow him back to the church. Thanks to the bad assery of Michonne (with baby Judith on her back) and Carl, the walkers are trapped in the church.

Michonne’s face sums up how I feel about this episode.


Meanwhile, Rick and his crew spot a cop car and ask for a fair trade-the two cops for Carol and Beth. The trade goes off without a hitch until Dawn asks for Noah who wasn’t a part of the trade. Before things escalate, Noah turns himself in which leads Dawn to say “I knew you would come back.”

This sets off Beth who’s in the midst of giving Noah a great bear hug. She calmly walks up to Dawn and tells her “I get it now.” and then stabs her with scissors. Dawn then shoots Beth in the head which makes Daryl shoot Dawn in the head. This whole scene was shocking not just to viewers but to the characters as well.

Before there’s a massive bloodbath, one of the officers tells her group that they got what they wanted-Dawn’s death-and there’s nothing else to be done. They even tell Rick’s group that they can stay there, Rick tells them no thank you and offers anyone who wants to leave that they can do so.

Abe and the gang had arrived back at the church just in time to stop the walkers from getting Michonne, Judith, Carl and the cowardly priest. Michonne tells Maggie the good news and they all head to Grady just in time to be devastated when Daryl comes out holding Beth’s body.

R.I.P. Beth


The episode ends with Morgan arriving at the church and finding the walkers who were put down and the map that Abe gave Rick.

Will Morgan meet up with Team Rick?

Will the group recover from this devastating loss?

Despite Eugene’s lies will the group head to Washington?

All these questions will be answered next year.

A few notes:

I knew someone was going to die but I thought it would be Carol. Glad to see her still alive and well.

Beth wasn’t a favorite of mine but she had just started to grow on me. I wonder if she knowingly did what she did because she knew it would get rid of Dawn once and for all?

Daryl crying melted my heart once more.


Who put up those x marks?

This mid season finale wasn’t as good as last years, but it was still a little bit shocking and had some moments. Hoped you enjoyed the recaps, live tweets, and I’ll see you in February!


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