He Has a Wife: How to Get Away from Murder Recap

htgawm-lilaThis episode opens with Lila on the examining table discussing her concerns about having sex. Then flashes to her talking to Rebecca about Mr. Darcy (Sam) Bonnie tries to leave the room after breaking the pregnant news to Keating, but Keating says “Do not leave.” Sam claims that he didn’t know she was pregnant. Keating says huffy like that Sam should have worn a condom.

The latest case that Keating discusses in class surrounds a woman who sleep walks. She is shown on tape cleaning up the murder scene of her nanny.

At first Gretchen wanted to take the stand,  but then said that she doesn’t. Gretchen expressed that she needs to be punished for killing the nanny.  The team sets its focus on getting the family to be the testify on behalf of Gretchen. Connor tries to get Wes and Laurel to join his study group. Keating tells Sam that  Lila probably wan’t pregnant  by Griffin. Wes questions why tell him if she doesn’t want him to tell Rebecca. Keating claims that this would help Rebecca’s case and that she learned her lesson about holding information back from him.

Wes tells Rebecca anyway. Rebecca meets up with Nate.  It is clear that Rebecca doesn’t trust Nate and he explains that he lost his job and just wants to make things right. Rebecca spills that Delia was pregnant and Nate tells her to get some of Sam’s hair from his brush in the bathroom and he will help get her case acquitted. The next scene is Lila telling Rebecca about she and Sam. Flash forward and Rebecca shows up at Keating house claiming that she left her gloves. Then ask can she use the bathroom. Sam stops her and says that she should go. “Your welcome here when Annalise invites you,” but when he there alone, she is not allowed. Gretchen’s husband and other family are interviewed by the team. The team warns the family to speak highly yet careful of Gretchen. In court, the prosecutor grills Cody (Gretchen’s son)  and he reveals that he loved the nanny and that is why he was up the night the nanny died. Cody stuns the jury when he said he was sneaking into in to her room. Keating is stressed out and snaps on everyone, especially Bonnie saying she had to deal with her mousy presents in her house.

frank and laurelThe team begins preparing for the exams, Frank sends Laurel a picture of herself and tells her to come outside so they can get it on in his car. Asher flirts with Bonnie but she is not taking the bait. He invites her to his party. Bonnie goes to Sam and said that she thought he was a Yale  that he the night that Lila died. Keating burst through the door saying  “Did you need me,” and Bonnie quickly says no and hurries away.

Sam tells Keating that Rebecca came by claiming that she was looking for her gloves. Keating tells Sam that she told Wes about Lila being pregnant. Sam is surprised and says that she should know that he is going to tell Rebecca.

Keating sits down and it is clear she is tired. She  explained how it was sad barren woman and that “even a dead girl was more of a woman than you.” Sam tries to assure Keating that it was he that broke them and that he will do what it takes to make everything right again.

Flash to Lila and Rebecca talking and Lila reveals that Sam ends their fling. She has a heart to heart with Rebecca and explains that she just wants to go to his house, but Rebecca tells her not to do that. Flash forward to Rebecca calling Nate and he ask  if she got the DNA. Rebecca explains that she didn’t but she has a better idea. She suggest that they get Sam’s phone because he sent texts to  Lila all the time. Conner goes to Cody and finds out that the son received an STD from the nanny. Michaela reveals that she knows about the STD  and that she just solved the class. Keating questions about the husband about the  medication he was taking. Keating reveals that Cody came to his father and told him that he loved the nanny and asked for medication for his STD. Keating slams the husband saying that he is the one that killed the nanny out of jealousy. Gretchen is outraged and calls Keating an animal, claiming that she destroyed the family.  Keating reminds Gretchen that she will thank her one day. Michaela questions Keating about the trophy and feels that she deserved the trophy.

mother in law

She is interrupted by the presence of her future mother in law who has come to meet about the prenup. Her  future mother in law demands that Michaela sign the prenup. Mother in law says she will not allow her to tear down what she built. Michaela  firmly said no and mother in law sternly said that she will cancel the wedding. The mother in law calls Michaela a bitch and Michaela tries to slap her but the mother in law isn’t having it and basically tells Michaela , do you want to take this outside? Michaela just sits there and her future monster in law mother finds comfort by saying she knows she was right about her.

Frank and Laurel are all over each other at Frank’s place. Then they are  interrupted by a woman entering the apartment. The woman turns out to be Sasha,  Frank’s girlfriend. She sizes Laurel up a must be the student of the month. Bonnie met with Sam and tells him that she meet Lila the night she was killed when she came to the house Bonnie was the one to answer the door. She tells Lila that Keating isn’t at home and that she better leave or she will call the police. Lila says she can’t keep the two of them a secret anymore. Flash forward and Bonnie says to Sam that he knew about the pregnancy. He says some caring words about “Anni” and says that he needs Bonnie more than ever.

bonnie kiss The two embrace in kiss after kiss right outside of the house/office. Bonnie goes into the office and reveals all. Bonnie kneels down on the ground  and tells Keating that she saw Lila that night and also reveals, that Sam knew that Lila was pregnant. Anni slips out of her Keating skin into a vulnerable state and said “He told you,” tears forming in her throat. Then Bonnie delivers one last bomb by saying  Sam kissed her. Keating snaps back,  tucking Anni away and looks sternly at Bonnie with a cold stare and says “You’re fired.” Bonnie begs her saying “No please Annalise please.” Keating does not bend, and utters  “Leave and don’t come back.” Bonnie shaking leaves the house/office.



Rebecca and Nate met to discuss how to catch Sam by backing up information from his phone. Wes catches Rebecca talking to Nate. Wes is upsetting and explains that Keating is setting them up. Connor interrupts their fight by arriving for a study group. Asher  prepares for his party and Michaela arrives. She is out for the trophy. She steals the trophy. Next scene comes is  Laurel arrive to the study group slightly crying and Wes is bans on Rebecca’s door. He breaks in and discovers that Rebecca took Lila’s phone. Keating is demanding that DNA samples be collected from all of the men in Lila’s life, including her teachers.


What an episode! We will be posting this week’s HTGAWM Recap soon!








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