Make the Dead Die: The Walking Dead 5.6 “Consume” Recap

After a being sick and taking a break from last week’s episode, we’re back with a new recap! With only two episodes left until the mid season break, things are heating up!


After helping Rick kill the Terminus cannibals, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene, head to Washington with Glen, Maggie and Tara.  We learn Abe’s back story and Eugene finally tells the truth.

w8   w9



We’ve caught up with Beth and Abe and the gang, now it’s time to catch up with Daryl and Carol. They were last seen by Bob (R.I.P.) getting into a car to chase the vehicle which presumably had Beth in it.  In the episode’s opener, we’re back in the past watching Carol who had been banished by Rick returning to the prison only to find the burning aftermath of the group’s altercation with the Governor.


After the opening credits have rolled we’re back in the present in downtown Atlanta at night. Not a good place to be when you’re in a zombie apocalypse, but we’re talking about Daryl and Carol and they’ve got it covered.  They’ve stopped their car a few yards behind the one they’re tailing and watch one of its inhabitants a cop gets out for minute and then gets back in and the car’s on its way.  While this is going on Team Darol’s car is set upon an annoying walker and then won’t start.

Leaving the trail behind for the night, Carol leads them to a place that’s she’s been before the world went to hell. They barely get in when a horde nears their location. Turns out the place they stay for the night is a women’s shelter that Carol had stayed one night with Sophia. Inside our duo spots two walkers-a mother and a daughter-and Daryl relieves Carol and puts them down himself. The next morning, Carol is awakened to a fire that Daryl had started and goes outside to see him respectfully burning the bodies of the two walkers.

w3   w3a

Throughout the whole episode there are flashbacks to fire, from the destroyed prison, to earlier when Carol burns the bodies of the people that she had killed, to the fire at Terminus. There’s even a flashback to when she and Tyresse bury Mika and Lizzie.

w2  w2a

The pair continue their tracking and head into a taller building to get a better view of the city. Inside they find walkers who have been zipped up in sleeping bags and two tents. Unbeknownst, someone is watching and tailing them. After putting down the walkers in the sleeping bags, spot an abandoned van on the nearby overpass, and in a dangerous position.

Before they can make their way there, they meet Noah who has stolen Carol’s gun and taken Daryl’s crossbow.  He then sets the two walkers who were zipped in the tent and runs away. Carol attempts to shoot him but Daryl stops her much to her annoyance.  She claims that she was going to shoot Noah in the leg and Daryl’s gives her a look like, “Nah.”

They continue on to the van and inside they find a gurney and deduce from its label that the group who took Beth is based out of Grady Memorial Hospital. Walkers surround the van and Daryl is forced to push the van off the edge of the freeway in order to escape and a few walkers follow. Carol’s hurt but says she’s had worse and the two return to the courthouse in order to plan their next move. Once inside they hear gunfire only to find Noah fighting a walker that he then pushes onto Carol.


Daryl ambushes him and prepares to leave him behind after reclaiming their weapons. Daryl’s had enough of Noah’s crap and wants to leave him to die, but due to Carol’s insistence, they rescue Noah, who then reveals that he was at the hospital, and that Beth helped him escape.

c17  c15   c16


The group decides to work together to get Beth but Noah warns them that the police will come to investigate the gunfire. As they escape the building, Carol is hit by the car that the police are driving. Daryl and Noah hide as they watch the cops put Carol on a gurney and take her back to the hospital. A frantic Daryl is held back by Noah who tells him that the cops will take care of Carol and that they can get her back. The two commandeer a truck and escape the city and head back to get Rick and the rest of the group’s help.

w7a  w7  w7b   w7c

w7d  w7f


Will Team Rick get back Beth and Carol? Will Abe and the gang return to help out Rick? Will Morgan get to the group and help them out? We’ve got two episodes left and shit’s gonna go down! Until next time!





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