Katey Sagal Says Sons of Anarchy Fans Will Be Satisfied With Show’s Conclusion

It’s taken us seven years to get to the final ride and we’re almost there. With three more episodes to go until the end of Sons of Anarchy, there are lots of questions that need answers and the main one is what will happen to Gemma the matriarch and Queen of SAMCRO?

When asked, actress Katey Sagal couldn’t tell you which ending she would prefer for her character to have-dying or being forced to live with the knowledge that her “I’ll do anything to protect this family” mantra has lead to its destruction?

On a conference call with reporters, Sagal had this to say:

That’s a really tough call, given where she’s at now. This is what’s interesting about denial. You wonder what the psychology is of somebody who’s done heinous things. How far can we hide that from ourselves? And would Gemma actually be able to? I don’t know. It’s gone so far that, to me, either way is horrible. But people do do heinous things and continue to have lives.”

Last week’s episode ended with little Abel revealing to his father Jax that it was grandma who killed Tara, and now everyone awaits the final showdown between mother and son.  Sagal revealed three things to reporters about the grand finale.

1. There will be a showdown between Gemma and Jax and its extremely emotional.

According to Sagal,  “Lots of tears were shed” while filming those scenes and, Sagal added that she enjoyed the mounting anger of this final season.

This season, overall, has been so strong in the character department. It’s not that there’s not action, but there’s also a lot of character-to-character conversation and slower beats. All the characters have been serviced really well.”

2. Now that Abel spilled the beans, will he be in harm’s way?

Sagal doesn’t believe so and says that Abel’s grandmother will have a difficult time being angry at her grandson.

How can she do anything but forgive him? I sometimes wonder if Gemma really thought she could get away with all of this. I don’t think she has any animosity toward her grandson whatsoever [even when] the walls start closing in.”

3. Viewers will be very satisfied with the series’ conclusion.

This is the thing that Sagal is very sure about, stating that creator, head writer, showrunner, and Sagal’s husband Kurt Sutter

…was trying to approach it like any other episode, where the story keeps going. It [series ending] was very satisfying filming it, and I will say that for Charlie [Hunnam] and myself. And it’ll be really great for fans. I don’t think they’ll be disappointed at all.”

SOA fans, what fate do you think awaits Gemma? What about Jax? Will they come out alive and scarred or will both end up in that big biker heaven in the sky? Sound off in the comments below!

Update: Check out Yahoo TV Interview with SOA executive producer/director Paris Barclay here.


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