AHS Freakshow: Bullseye Recap

This episode opens with Elsa ordering the knife wheel be put in  the main tent.  Elsa throws knives at the  freaks to practice her skills. Elsa says to herself, “I know how to stay off the wheel, I control my faith,” as she keeps throwing knifes at the wheel. She utters in her mind again that “I have survived because I know one must be willing to destroy any one anything even the things you love to keep the Gods in check.”

The twins are at Dandy’s house. Dandy’s believes that he loves the twins. Dandy’s mother gives him some contraceptives to prevent getting the twins pregnant, but  Dandy declares to his mother that he will marry the twins and that they will be together.

Ethel expresses concern for Dot and Bette. We then see the gang prepare for Elsa’s birthday. Elsa gets angry and tells everyone to forget about the twins.  She also demands that everyone has fun or she will strap each one of them to the wheel. Elsa and Paul are shacking up. Elsa tells Paul that they do not fall and love. Elsa also says that when she gets to Hollywood that Paul should come with her. Then she declares that when she has a normal suitor that Paul will be her driver. As he gets ready to leave, Elsa ask him to get her “cuddle” which is Ma Petit.

Paul is seeing a local girl that ran away from the freakshow. He goes to see her at her house. Her father storms up to her room and says he heard talking but she claims I was the radio. Her father has a creepy protection over his daughter.  Bette has fallen in love with Dandy while Dot hates it at Dandy’s and distrusts him very much. Dot realizes that Dandy is the key to her separating from Bette and gets the idea from the newspaper Dandy reads to them about two twins being separated. She has dreams of having a life outside of her sister.

dandy and the twinsPaul goes to the one of the local stores and discovers that the man at the counter is the same man that tired to buy the twins. Because Paul recognizes him, Dandy accuses Paul of stealing and Paul leaves and goes to another store to buy his loves’s perfume. Paul figures it all out and tells Jimmy that he thinks Elsa got rid of the twins.

Dot and Bette argue after they see the twins in paper one died. Dandy is mad at Dot for keeping her diary secret and prompts her to share I with him.  He tires to persuade Bette and Dot by telling the twins that he was the one who killed the clown and saved the girls. Dot tells him that he is lying, Bette believes him. He gets angry when Dot doesn’t tell him a secret and starts throwing stuff all over the room.

Maggie and Stan the Man are scheming and trying to figure out their next victim. Stan wants Jimmy but Maggie Gypsy  suggest Ma Petit since she is in love with Jimmy. We see a flash forward or possibly just a vision of them killing Ma Petit.

Back to Elsa and Paul. She sings a song and asks Paul’s opinion. Paul tries to leave and Elsa questions why he has to leave. Elsa smells perfume on Paul and gets upset and demands to know who he is screwing. Paul questions her intentions and demands to know where the twins are and that everyone is talking about it. Elsa demands that everyone. Gets up and goes into a spill on how ungrateful the freaks are and test the loyalty by saying one person must be strapped to the wheel as she throws knifes.

paulShe says this is the only way that she can truly know who is loyal and trusts her completely is if one person gets strapped to the wheel.  Jimmy volunteers but Paul explained that it is he that should do it. So Paul is strapped to  the wheel. Elsa throws the knives As she throwing each knife with precision, she nails Paul on purpose. She claims it was an accident but it is clear that she is smiling.The local girl is caught sneaking back into the house. Then leaves after she declares her love for Paul. Maggie takes the Ma Petit to the barn late at night.

Maggie wakes Ma Petit from her slumber and carries her to the barn, claiming there is a surprise for her. Ma  She puts Ma Petit in a jar and Ma Petit asked putting her in the jar like a butterfly. Ma Petit waves her harms around like a butterfly inside the jar. Local girl returns to the camp and finds Paul hurt. Elsa claims she called the doctor but doesn’t.

Jimmy talks about the Paul situation to Ethel. Ethel replies that “Cake was made no point leaving off the frosting. I said a pray for him not much more I can do.” Jimmy explains that Paul tried to tell him about Elsa.

The next morning everyone is looking for Ma Petit. Maggie returns with Ma Petit in her arms calming that they went to catch fire flies. Maggie suggest that she and Jimmy run away together. They kiss and Jimmy says he has to one thing first and tells her to have her bags packed. Stan the Man shows up at the camp angry at Maggie for not killing Ma Petit and demands that she gets Jimmy to the barn so they can kill him.

Dandy is in the room upset about Dot’s Diary. His mother reads it out loud and it expresses Dot’s concerns about Dandy and says she must tolerate him so she can keep saving money for the surgery. His mother explains that one twin loves him and to buy them trinkets to make Dot jealous. Dandy gets made and says that the twins made him happy and now it is all gone and he is empty. He says he was never destined to feel love and that he must accept this emptiness as a blessing not a curse. He says his purpose is to bring death , as he puts a knife in his pants. The door bell rings and Jimmy is at the door looking for the twins. Jimmy walks in distrusting Dandy. Elsa walks in to her “birthday celebration” and no one is there. Ethel explains that everyone is with Paul. Elsa tells a story of an older sister dying young and expresses her deep appreciation for Ethel, being her sister. Elsa whines why don’t they know her heart.

Ethel explains  as she lights Elsa birthday cake, that with the twins missing and everything happening,  it makes it hard from them to trust her.  Ethel utters very sternly  that “If I ever find out you were lying and did wrong by those girls, I will kill you with my own two hands,” and demands Elsa blows out her candles and make a wish. Elsa’s internal wish is that she just wants to be loved. elsa and ethel

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