How to Get Away With Murder: He Deserved to Die Recap

This episode opens with the familiar Bonfire scene.  We see Wes carry  Rebecca off away. She is covered in blood. He cleans her up and they kiss each other. Then we move to the team briefing Rebecca for trial where she makes a joke saying that she “followed Lila to the roof and strangled her and stuffed her in a water tank.” The team  can’t tell if she is joking or not. Keating warns Rebecca to take the briefing serious. When Rebecca says it’s that your job to get me off, Keating lets her have it by saying “you slut white trash killer, you make Griffin strangle that girl on the roof and you watched because that is the piece of garbage you are,” when describing how people will see her and firmly says to Rebecca if she doesn’t care why should she.tumblr_nenf06vkdn1u0zx0ho1_500

After some of Keating scolding, Wes steps in and saves the day by saying that everyone should take a break. A leak to the media said that Rebecca was the one that approached Griffin for sex. Also while in court the autopsy shows that there are nail markers in Lila’s corpse. The prosecutor suggested that it was Rebecca who put  the marks in Lila’s neck and request for the body to be dug up. As the team prepares to find anything that could prevent the body being removed from the ground, the prosecutor enters Keating home and Keating exclaims “Speak of the Devil and she will appear.”  The D.A. hands Keating an envelope with information that can discredit the prosecutor’s witness. Keating explains in her lecture that witnesses can be paid to give information support various cases. Then reminds her students to find experts to triumph over the opposite sides experts. Laurel’s boyfriend offers her a job working with his firm.  Wes and Rebecca try to brainstorm on ways to prove her innocence. The two share a moment of understanding. Wes  takes the opportunity to lean in for a kiss and is rejected. Flash forward and we see that Rebecca says over and again she had to kill “him.”

Michaela’s goes on her “interview” with Sterling and Trust only to learn that she has been summoned to the office to sign a prenup.

Michaela’s goes on her “interview” with Sterling and Trust and turns out that her fiance’s parents sent her a prenup. One of Conner’s conquest works for in the court and has been eyeing Conner. Finally Conner remembers his name and approaches him only to learn that Julian has a boyfriend and calls his interaction with Conner a “one minute hummer.” Conner boldly says well let me help you remember and the next scene shows them both in the bathroom getting it on. Th.D.A. flips on Keating and provides more evidence that the marks were indeed by a woman. Keating meets up with Nate and wants him to find out why the D.A flipped explaining that Sam did not kill that girl. Nate insisted that Keating doesn’t believe that and reveals that he knows that she got Frank to plant Lila’s phone in Griffin’s car. After that sentence Keating tells Nate he should go and Nate reminds her that he tried to help her and to not forget that when “this all goes to hell.” Then we see Rebecca in the hotel room waiting on Wes to return. She calls 911 on the hotel phone and hangs up. Then the phone rings and Wes calls to let her know that everything is okay and that he got the team to help. Laurel is on the fence on accepting her boyfriend’s offer. Rebecca reveals that she knows all about Laurel’s offer and Michaela’s prenup. She promises not to say anything about either situation if they promise not to say anything else about she and Wes sleeping together. Both Michaela and Laurel agree. Wes, Conner, and Asher are out trying to pump people for information and Conner is speaking relationship advice on how to win Oliver back from the young lady they are suppose to be using to win Rebecca’s case. The girl at the bar suggested that Conner give “her” flowers. Wes and Asher return to Keating’s office.  She  lets them know that the ADA worked out a deal that if Griffin testifies against Rebecca he gets off and the D.A. gets a conviction with Rebecca. Keating has an idea that they leak some information so harmful that it would get the D.A. to withdraw from the Griffin deal. Wes says no, there is a gag order, but Rebecca steps up and says she can do it and Keating loves the idea. Rebecca leaks that Griffin raped her. The judge warns Keating that if she put Rebecca up to lying about the rape, she will loose her license. Because of the  confusion surrounding the autopsy,  the judge is ordering another autopsy the body.

Keating confronts the D.A and slams her for just wanting to get an easy conviction. The D.A returns fire by saying Keating better pray that it is not “that girl’s” prints on Lalia’s neck.

Gif via
Gif via

Keating fires with “prayers are for the weak, I will stick to beating your ass in court!”

We see Wes coming up the stairs and ignores Rebecca. She comes at Wes with so many questions until he finally says he messed up when he tired to him her. She kisses him, one thing leads to another and the puppy and his love finally have sex.

The puppy finally has sex with his love.

The body is examined and it shows that Lila was pregnant when she was murdered. Wes opens up to Rebecca about himself. His mom killed herself when he was 12. Conner follows the girl’s advice and shows up at Oliver’s door with flowers only to discover that Oliver has a new boo. Frank confronts Laura about the job offer. Frank tells her that he thinks about her all the time. Laura confesses that she doesn’t want Frank to get over her and they get it on. This episode is full of everyone getting sex. Rebecca is at the store and is confronted by Nate. Nate wants Rebecca’s help to catch “him.”

We now see Anni reappear from Keating’s strong protection and truly see the hurt in her eyes as she looks at Sam to deny that he got Delia pregnant.

As if the episode wasn’t exciting enough, Bonnie breaks the news to Keating that Lelia  was 6 weeks pregnant when she died! Keating’s face is shocked, heartbroken and then some as she stares at Bonnie and switches her glare to Sam. Are we closer to finding out #WhoKilledSam? Are we finally going to find out who killed Lelia? Tune in Thursday to find out!

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