Kickstart This: Flame Con, NYC’s First LBGTQ Comic-Con from Geeks OUT

Here’s a great crowd funding project that you can back today.  Today Geeks OUT announced via a press release their Kickstarter for a one-day convention and expo that celebrates  “all things queer and geeky” called “Flame Con.”  The convention would arrive next spring in New York City.  So far the project has twenty-nine backers and have raised $3, 066 of the $15,000 that is needed for venue rental, promotion and advertising, special guests, and other convention related things. Here’s the press release:

Since 2010, Geeks OUT has been hosting fun, exciting events for the LGBTQ geek community and establishing queer-positive spaces for fans at numerous comic conventions. In 2015, they will be inviting fans to FLAME CON, their most ambitious event to-date!

At FLAME CON, people from all corners of the LGBTQ community will be given a unique opportunity to meet up and geek out over a range of artists, creators, and vendors catering to all kinds of queer interests and tastes. Provocative and intelligent panels will explore ideas and questions not discussed at traditional cons. Other FLAME CON attractions include an on-site art show, an anthology comic, and at the end of the day, a cosplay parade leading the way to a nearby after-party. Everyone will be geeking out in the streets, and celebrating into the night.

Kickstarter incentives include VIP tickets to the con, limited edition stickers, exclusive t-shirts, prints and custom artwork from Rage Gear Studios, Comic Book Afterlife, and modHero, exhibitor discounts, and even meet-ups with comics superstar Phil Jimenez and the fiery FLAME CON mascot himself! Get set, geeks! You’ll have 30 days to support the FLAME CON Kickstarter once the campaign goes live November 4, 2014. Help us heat up NYC with a super-queer comic con!

Check out their Kickstarter video below and kickstart this awesome project!


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