Make the Dead Die: The Walking Dead 5.2 “Strangers” Recap

By: Tali Adina

Greetings my fellow citizens of the world of pop culture! It’s Manic Monday and it’s time for a recap of The Walking Dead. We’ve got a lot to cover so let’s get started. Oh there will be SPOILERS so if you haven’t watched I implore you to do so and come back when you’re done. Alright let’s begin.


Thanks to BAMF Carol, the group was saved from an untimely death and reunited with their loved ones. Daryl with Carol; Rick and Carl with Little Ass-Kicker aka Judith; and Sasha with her big bro Tyrese! It was a beautiful end to a stressful and scary beginning.


With Rick leading the way, the group is trying to get a far as they can away from Terminus and find a real sanctuary. Abraham continues to insist that they go to Washington but Rick has not yet made a decision. As they take a rest, Rick and Carol talk. Rick tells Carol that he didnt’ know what he was sending her out to. She tells him that he told that she could survive and she did. They forgive each other, and then Rick forgives Tara for being with the Governor.


After telling the group about Carol’s actions, Tyrese tells Carol that they’ve accepted it. He didn’t tell them about the girls Lizzie and Mika and neither should Carol, to which she agrees. Her and Daryl have a conversation and she tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about what happened and that she would rather forget about it all together. As they’re talking Daryl hears something. They go to check it out but don’t see anyone or anything and return to the group. Turns out someone was watching them and it wasn’t a walker.


The group’s peaceful stroll is interrupted by someone shouting for help. After hesitating and the urging of Carl, Rick leads the group to a clearing where a priest is stranded on top of a big boulder just seconds away from becoming dinner from a small group a walkers. The group takes the walkers out and save Father Gabriel.

After Rick’s three questions ((How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?) and awkward answers (None. None. Because the Bible condemns killing.) and a bad timing and horrible joke by Gabe, the group arrives at the priest’s sanctuary-a small church of course. Spotting a vehicle, Abraham again makes his case for Washington but he gets shut down by the rest of the group.


After checking things out and beginning to get settled, Rick skeptically asks the priest “How did you survive?”  To which the Father Gabe replies “The Lord provided for me.” Kidding. Actually our naive and mysterious priest has survived by eating the many cans of food he and his previous flock gave during a big canned drive and when that supply ran out he ventured out never straying far from home and collected supplies.

There was one place he has yet to scavenge from is the last food bank in the vicinity. The problem is that the place is overrun. Rick and his group are up to the task and after Rick informs the priest that he’s coming along for the ride, Rick has a father-son heart to heart talk with Carl to which he says, “You’re never safe.” To which Carl replies “We’re strong enough that we can help people. And we can handle ourselves if things go wrong.”

While most of the group heads out, Tyreese remains behind as official baby sitter of Little Ass-Kicker along with Carl and a few others. Father Gabriel leads Rick and his A-Team to the food bank and along the way, Bob tells Rick that he believes Rick’s gonna agree to go to Washington. Arriving at the bank, the group discovers a big hole in the floor of the building that houses the food and the walkers who are lumbering around in waist-deep water.

Following Sasha’s plan, the group goes down to get the goods and slay the zombies, but not without having two close calls. First Father Gabriel freaks and tries to head for an exit as he sees a ghost-ahem-a walker from his past. Next Bob is drag underwater for a few seconds by a lurcher but is saved by Sasha.

Returning home, Rick calls out Father Gabe about the ghost that haunts him and then Michonne tells Rick that while she misses Andrea (I don’t) and Herschel (tears rolling down my cheeks), she doesn’t miss her old life nor does she miss her katana. I can assure you that we miss it but we’ll just have to see if Michonne ever gets it back.

When they return, Carl shows Rick an ominous message on the side of the church…


And Rick confesses to the priest:

image imageimage

Later that evening, the group’s celebrating and eating dinner something that we haven’t seen since the end of season one. Everyone’s happy, especially Sasha and Bob which means that the shit is about to hit the fan. Before it does though, Rick announces that the group’s going to Washington.

Carol attempts to leave but is stopped by Daryl. They’re interrupted by a familiar vehicle that’s speeding down the road. Daryl recognizes it as the same car which kidnapped Beth and the speed chase is on!


Meanwhile back at the church, Bob and Sasha continue to get cozy and after two kisses, Bob goes off by his lonesome into the nearby woods to cry. Why is he crying? We’re not exactly sure but I have a really good as to why.

His sobbing is interrupted by a knockout from behind by a mysterious hooded figure who happened to be the same one Daryl thought he heard. Bob awakens to a campfire with something being barbequed over the pit. The person who had knocked him out turns out to be Gareth from Terminus and a few of his fellow survivors! Damn you Glen this all your fault!


Gareth begins to explain to Bob that what’s going to happen isn’t personal as they would have done it anyone. Gareth finally reveals what we’ve all been thinking, he and his friends are cannibals and are out to hunt down one by one Rick’s group. As to the item is being cooked and eaten? Why it’s none other than Bob’s foot! Bob’s BBQ is open for business, and that is where the episode ends! This whole scene is very familiar to one in the comics:


So far season five is set to be the best season yet. I’m enjoying how they’re taking things from the comics and putting their own spin on it for the tv show. Last season’s episode “The Grove” was twist on Issue 61 of the comics, and ow we have this new spin with a different character. If my hunch is correct, we’ll find out why Bob was crying in the next episode. Will Gareth and his men hunt and claim their prey? Or will Rick and the group kick some ass and not let the hunters live? Stayed tuned!




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