The Battle Begins: (Recap) How to Get Away with Murder Let’s Get to Snooping

Shonda does it again! Just when you think no more build up can happen, more flashbacks and reveals leave the audience beyond the edge of their seats. They are on the floor! The episode opens with the “chosen ones” digging a whole. We later see Sam’s cold body laying on the ground.

As if the constant showing of Sam’s body isn’t enough Conner is overly excited about the details of getting rid of the body.

When Keating finds out that Wes hide that he talked to Rebecca without her permission and pulls him from the case. We see a montage of Wes finding the phone and other secrets he is hiding from Keating. 

Marren Trudeauan owner of a trading company and one of Keating’s longtime clients, is excused of insider trading. The “Take some notes kids, because this is what pilates can do,” rings on Twitter as a sassy reminder of Trudeau attitude of life. She represents what Keating lacks. Living and not existing. 

Keating Knocks Moles Out

“You don’t ask for the truth, you pound it out.” Keating sets the remaining moles against each other with a fake confessions. 

Connor Chronicles

Keating sends out her pupils to research the case. Connor comes back with the “W.”  Trudeau’s employee, Paxton tires to play Connor to gain information, but Connor sleeps with him and gets the information to expose him as one of the moles in the company.

Once Paxton is discovered as one of the mole’s he gives a speech about being his boss’s lacky saying that all he did for eight years was get her tampons and running her errands.

Connor is at it again. He lures another young man with his charm and his thirst for information. But this time, he doesn’t have a smooth getaway. His hyper fixation with getting information and sex by any means necessary.


Nate Snooping

Nate snoops on Sam and wears a black hoodie. Sam gives Nate a look as if he wonders if Nate is going to steal his car or rob him. Nate’s “I am not going to steal your car,” is  a reminder of young black boys silently, verbally, and physically accused of harming others. Bonnie is snooping herself. She saw Nate snooping around Sam and tells Nate’s boss. She also brings up the police forcing Rebecca to confess.  

Anni with the Knock Out

Later Keating gets Rebecca off by convincing the judge that the confession was forced. Wesley is extremely happy about that. 

Melt Connor

We see Foreshadowing of Connor melting down and returning to Oliver for comfort right before Oliver finds the the recording of Paxton telling the other moles about them sleeping together. Oliver kicks him out.

Professor and Her Favorite Pupil

Wesley still has the phone he found at Rebecca’s and he later tells Keating about the phone.  A highly sexual charged scene takes place as we hear and see Keating put emphasis on her words and sweep her hand sexually across the table. She strolls up to Wes and is very close to him. Unlike the last episode, she does not touch him but she doesn’t have to. The tension is in the air 

The last few minutes of the show definitely jumps to new heights. We see Keating take off her ring, remove her makeup and essentially remove her Keating gear and reveal Anni to us all. She is vulnerable yet powerful as she whips away more than makeup. She wipes away the need to be strong for everyone. She wipes away the need to constantly wear armor that protects her but also blocks people from actually touching her soul.

She also removes her wig which speaks volumes because it is another reveal moment. It is the first time we actually see her take it off. We have seen her in a head scarf, but not remove her wig. Anni is tired. She just wants to be herself. This displays the struggle that takes place not only with African American women that are strong because they have to be but the physical aspects. Powerful, classic beauty, and human all describe the Unmasking of Keating into Anni. 

Anni had something to say and she was going to say it. Sam kisses her, and the last few words of the episode take place.








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